Sunday, February 28, 2010

What a Day! Eh

Canada has won hockey gold! I was downtown at the Sony Store in the Pacific Centre mall with a bunch of Students Live reporters. Originally we were going to watch the gold medal hockey game at the International Media Centre but we had to leave. Dezmond stated that we go to the Sony Store in the Pacific Centre to watch the game that everyone was waiting for. We asked the manger of the store and he let us, we got front row seats. By the time to game started the store was packed with people watching the game, about 100 to 150 people were all watching and rooting our team. When the first goal was scored the store erupted everyone was cheering and excited. The second goal got scored and we were pumped up and cheering Canada on! By the end of the game we were all waiting for the last few seconds ready to celebrate. Everyone in Canada knows what happen in 24.4 seconds left of regulation time USA scored a goal to even up the game. Everyone was dead silent, you could hear a pin drop in the whole store. Commercials came on and there was a wave of chatter in the store, could Canada win? I am not a hockey pro, but the exact opposite. I said to one of the students live crew I have a feeling that Sidney Crosby is going to score the final goal. I said this because from what I had heard about him he is one of the best players. Then overtime started and about 12 minutes Crosby SCORES! I really did not see the goal at first but I just erupted with joy just like everyone around me. We screamed so loud I think I might lose my voice. Then we sang the national anthem, just an amazing moment. It was amazing the energy level was at an all time high. I feel like I am still working on that energy. We decided to go outside and it was just a big party everyone was singing and cheering. As soon as I get video of that moment I will put it up.
I just think that the past 17 days of my life have gone so fast. I feel as it was only yesterday that the flame was lit at BC stadium but tonight it went out. I have learned so much the past 17 days. I have made friends from all over Vancouver and have had some amazing experiences. Meet and saw inspiring athletes, and I'm still taking it all in. I am now truly Canadian loving a sport that we are the champions. Today sitting in the Sony store surrounded by people that love hockey and are proud to be Canadian I felt thrilled. I was apart of something I felt like I was at the stadium rooting Canada on. It is just a feeling that words cannot describe, I am still running on a hockey high! =p I love being in Canada. Just want to thank Chris, Audrey, Christian, Gary and Lauren for creating this program and making this happen. Paralympics start on March 12th. Til then!

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  1. This blog makes me so happy, yet so sad. Nice work girl, see you at the Paralympic Games!