Sunday, February 7, 2010

Olympic Craze

Today was a drizzly day in Vancouver, but Olympic fever had taken over the city. In the morning there was Students Live meeting, where we got our transit passes! After that went to the International Media Centre at Robson Square. The media centre is amazing, it is exactly what every reporter would dream of. It is high tech, and is going to be buzzing with excitement. Many reporters from all over the world will be in the centre writing to their newspapers. It will truly be an amazing experience. I will be going to the Centre on February 12th; the day of the opening ceremonies!
On the way to Robson Square we walked down Granville Street and there was so much people on the street. There was a lantern road and and many sculptures by different artist. When we were walking we spotted a couple of Czech Republic athletes. We all decide to go up to them and ask them what sport they are competing in. They were luge athletes and we got a picture with them. Unfortunately it was not with my camera, as soon as I get that picture I will put it up. We also met some Russian officials at the food court in the Pacific Centre. They were nice enough to let us take a picture with them.

The 2010 Olympic Games are almost here, the torch is getting closer to BC Stadium and on February 12. I will be going to the Opening Ceremonies Final Rehearsal on February 10th. Next post will be then!

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  1. Wow, I guess I left too early, everyone was meeting all kinds of different teams! This is so cool, such an exciting day :)