Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Getting to the Games

The games are getting closer and the road restrictions are setting in place in Vancouver. Many major roads downtown will be closed for the Olympic Games, downtown traffic is going to be crazy. VANOC is urging commutators to leave their car at home and catch public transit. If that is not possible they suggest that people car pool. Going downtown during the Olympics is going to be crazy, but there are some things that can ease the craziness.
A great way to travel downtown during the Olympic games is to catch public transit. There will be more buses on the road to Olympic Venues and the sky trains will be running more frequently. It is best to check on to plan your trip ahead of time. Translink has a great tool that lets you plan your trip and gives everything from walking distance to fare. I use it a lot when I need to get around Vancouver! The Canada line connects most Olympic venues with in walking or one bus trip. A good tip is to go early, lines will be crazy and its always good to get there early. VANOC is suggesting that you should go at least two hours before your event, yes a long time! Its better to go early then to miss your event!

Another great way to get around for the games is the Olympic Line Street Car. This street car will only be around for the 2010 Olympic games. On Monday I celebrated the end of midterms by going downtown and figure skating at Robson Garden. It was my first time figure skating and I did not fall down!!! Robson Garden look amazing and I had a blast. Robson Garden is the place where the British Columbia pavilion will be. Another great thing at Robson Square is the city zip line that will be open during the games! I hope I will be able to go one it!! After the skating I decided to check out the Olympic Line Street Car. It is a cable car that runs from Olympic Village to Granville Island. It is a free twelve minute ride that uses the old Vancouver cable car line. The two cable cars are on loan from Brussels, Belgium and they are very cool! The cable car is very stylish and show a different side of Vancouver. It shows a quieter side and a very natural side as well. The cable car started on January 21 and will end on March 21, they run from 6:30 AM to 12:30 AM. A fun way to get to Granville Island.

Getting round the games will be crazy but it will be worth it, so see that amazing event!! The Olympic Games are getting closer!

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