Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Ever Hockey GAME

On Friday I went to my first ever hockey game and it was a blasted. I will not even bother telling the score, you can find it on the Internet. What I will tell you is my personal experience at the hockey game. I lived in Bermuda for most of my life and we never had snow or ice so hockey was not a game that everyone played. Coming to Canada I was sucked into a hockey crazed nation. I feel like I have started to become a true Canadian and is started to LOVE hockey.

I got inside GM Place and was amazed there was so much people in the stadium. We were sitting in the upper bowl which was a good seat for me because I get to see the whole stadium. The game started and the energy level in the stadium raised to a maximum! The energy level was amazing and I think that the players were feeding off the energy. I did not know much about the game, good thing I was with Students Live. They all explained the game to me, the newbie! ☺
The energy in the game was what amazed me, everyone was cheering for their team with such heart! The game was between Latvia and Czech Republic but you saw a see of red. Everyone was cheering for Latvia when they were losing! I just can not believe the support that the audience was giving the team! I have watch a couple of live sports but i think that hockey is the number one sport for highest energy!
Currently watching the Canada vs. USA game! Yes I have gotten sucked in the hockey craze! Canada better win!!


  1. Great job on the blog posts! I am finally getting a chance to check out all the Students LIVE stuff. (and thanks for the shout out!)

  2. Yes, I'm glad you're getting sucked into the hockey craze! It's great :) I also really enjoyed how much energy and support the crowd showed for both teams, even when Canada isn't playing!