Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yaletown LiveCity

Today I was not in school for most of the day, I was in Downtown Vancouver taking in all the Olympic excitement. My tourism teacher decided that our class would be able to come to the Yaletown LiveCity venue as a field trip. It was a day that a lot of school in the lower mainland were invited to come and see some educational Olympic items. There were different athletes that came and talked to the us, the children were from elementary all the way to high school. There was a performance by a group from the Yukon! They performers were amazing, I loved how they told their way of life in the Yukon all year round. I visited all the sponsor pavilions while I was in the venue.

The Acer Pavilion is really nice, and it doesn't usually have a long line to get inside. Waiting in line is something that I did alto of through out the rest of the day. Inside the pavilion there are Acer computer and many different interactive things to do. The Samsung pavilion is the next thing I waited in line for, it was not a long wait maybe only twenty minutes. Nothing compared to the wait at the Coke Cola pavilion. I am glad I had already gone inside the pavilion before. When inside the Samsung pavilion you get a passport and you can get stickers of the mascots by playing different games. After playing at least one game you receive a scratch and win card. What ever you get on you card is what you win and the top prize being an Omnaia II cellphone, everyone gets a cellphone screen cleaner no matter what. I got the third prize which was a Samsung umbrella, and a cellphone screen cleaner that is coming in handy! Then it was off to the last pavilion the Panasonic which was showing a full 3D movie but I had no time to watch the movie. Instead I made my eco card which gets sent the to the Panasonic website. Check it out at

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