Friday, February 12, 2010

Only Half an Hour left

Only half an hour left until the Opening Ceremonies for the 2010 Winter Olympic Games. I was following the torch relay and it was amazing. I think I will let the pictures speak for themselves! My favourite part of the torch relay was when the "torch kiss" this is when the two torches meet and the flame is transferred between the torches. The torch relay is the longest domestic torch relay in Olympic history. Over 45,000 km was covered, over 12,000 torch bearers carried the flame through out Canada.

I went downtown and went to Robson Square to see all the buzz there. The zip line was in full swing and it looked like so much fun! I might go on it soon, if I get a chance to. The BC house was very busy, I did not get to go in but it looked like fun! Then I walked to the library to see the CODE sponsored by the Cultural Olympiad. The CODE is about the Olympic Truce, it was not in service today but I think it is going to in the other days. The Olympic Truce is about making your peace. I caught the Canada Line to Yaletown when I saw the torch relay again! It was amazing I think I got some great pictures!
Then I wondered around and ended up at the Livecity Yaletown. Just a couple of tips if you are going to any Livecity events. Try to come with the smallest bag possible because you will go through security. Do not bring any food or bevarages becuase they will trash them. Only half an hour till the Opening Ceremonies!! Watch it live are

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  1. There's so much going on down there, it looks like you've seen a lot already! And we still have the whole Games ahead of us, we should be in for a amazing journey! And I love your pictures :)