Monday, February 15, 2010

First Victory Ceremony

The first victory ceremony of the 2010 Olympics was on Feb 14th! It was a great night celebrating British Columbia the host province. It showcased the various talents that British Columbia had to offer! First a group of performers were aboriginal and they did a traditional dance and the traditional drums. After that a group of Punjabi dancers started to dance and then this lead into a very awesome fashion show! The designs were so beautiful! Then a drum show began which was very up beat and made me want to dance! While the drums were playing a ballet dance came in to form.
After that it was time for the medal ceremony, we sat and then stood up! It was a great ceremony. A cool fact about the medals was the if you put all the medal together is makes a picture. The artist had in mind that each medal was one of a kind, but together they make a picture. The medals were amazing, I give koodoos to the artist!
Then it was time for the Nelly Furado show! She rocked BC place with her music! She sang about six songs and then left. She sang some of her famous songs like Maneater and I'm like a bird. It was a fun ceremony and I can not wait till I go again on my birthday Feb. 17th!
*My computer is being slow, when it working pictures will be up*

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