Saturday, February 20, 2010

Athlete's Village

Yesterday was a day that I was in Vancouver for the whole day! It felt really nice, the sun was shining and it was a perfect day to go athlete hunting. My fellow report Samaah and I decided to go to the Athlete's Village and see if we bumped into any athletes. I did not think that we would run into any but I was proven wrong. We met a Turkish Figure Skater, the full interview is on Samaah website which you can find of We hung around the athlete's village entrance for about two hours since we could not go inside.

While I was waiting I had to take pictures of the city, the view from the Cambie Street Bridge is break taking. I think I will let my pictures do the talking. Unfortunaly blogger is not letting me layout my pictures. So I will make a collage and then post it!

We wandered around and saw some huge solar panels. There were posters of information so we decided to go and take a look. I just realized that I did not clarify where we were, we got off at Olympic Village from the Canada Line. Back to the poster that I was reading, they were showing how Vancouver was a "green city". I personally knew this was true because when I first moved here it seemed that everyone was green. Vancouver is a city that recycles everything and charges a recycling fee on everything. Not that I am complaining I am pro green! The posters were about how the athletes village was green. The village uses the energy from sewage and turns it into energy that can be used for everyday things. The energy is converted into electricity that they uses to heat water, heat houses and many other things. The False Creek area including the Athletes Village has a Platinum LEED rating. This is a very high rating in the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system. Vancouver is a green city and its 2010 Athletes Village is green too.
I went to my very first hockey game after that!! The Students Live team is so amazing they got last minutes tickets for everyone that could come. I just want to thank Chris Kennedy, Audrey Hobbs, Gary Kern and Christina Adams for creating this program. My first ever hockey game was an Olympic game and I was amazed! Post will be up by tonight!

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