Thursday, March 11, 2010

Not over yet, just the beginning

The 2010 Winter Olympics are over, it took some time to sink in. The spirit of the Olympic games have seemed to vanish. I went downtown today and when I walked out of the City Centre Canada line station i was hoping to see a massive amount of people. I walked up the stairs and it looked pretty normal, dead compared to two weeks ago. I hurried to Robson Square to get off the rain, for it was a typical Vancouver day. When I got there a smile emerged on my face, I had to wait in line. I had to wait in line in order to buy tickets to the Paralympic Opening Ceremonies! Its not over yet!
The Paralympic games begin in 1 day! The flame has been lit agian and it has traveled across the country and is in Vancouver. I forgot to mention but I did get tickets to the Opening Ceremonies and I saw an man with an Italian jacket on. I guessed that he was an athelete. The party may have ended for the for the Olympics but the party is just starting for the Parlympics! These are amazing athethes doing sports and achieving goals that they put for themselves no matter their sitution.
Going to four paralympic events, Opening Ceremony, Wheel Chair Curling, Cross Country Skiing and Ice Sledge Hockey <----Something I'm really excited for!

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