Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Now a complete Pin Head!

At the beginning of the 2010 Winter Olympics started to collect pins. I was watching CTV news when they were announcing there pin give away. At that moment I was hooked pins, I wanted every pin I could get my hands on. I started to watch the news every night to find out when they were handing out the pins. I was behind on the CTV pin collection, but I was determined to get all eight pins. I heard about the Coca Cola Pin Trading Centre in the downtown Bay. I decided to go down there to check out, they had a wall of pins where you put a pin and they give you a pin.You could also make a pin with your picture in it, I made one and it has to my favourite pin!

There was some pin traders all ready were in Vancouver ready to trade there pins. These pin traders are serious, they come to the Olympics not to watch the games but to trade pins. I personally think that it should be an Olympics sport! Over the days my collection grew, especially the CTV pins. I had all the pins by the time February 12 rolled around, this was the date that they were giving away the final pin. Its my bad luck that I had food poisoning that day and I was in no condition to go wait in line. I was crushed I worked so hard to collect those pins and I could not get the last one. It did not stop me from collecting pins, I carried my pins around when I was downtown, hoping that someone had the pin I was looking for. The streets of Vancouver was filled with pin traders all over the world.

One day I was going home from the Media Centre when I saw some pin traders near the Canada Line Station. I looked at a couple of traders pin, but they did not have the pin I wanted. I started to lose hope, until I saw a final pin traders with his pins. I walked up and he had the pin I wanted! Finally I could finish my collection, but the pin did not come easy. I had to trade two of my pins for that one pin, but I think it was worth it. My CTV pin collection is finally complete. I trade a couple more pins and all together I have 36 Olympic Pins and 8 CTV Limited Edition pins. I have the whole mascot set, including Muk Muk!

Trading pins is really fun, and the Olympics have made me a Pin Head.

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