Friday, March 12, 2010

An Inspirational Start!

The opening ceremonies of the 2010 Paralympic Winter Games was phenomenal! It had so many great elements, and it truly inspired me. The ceremony started with children dancing and singing. I loved how the children brought out the Governor General and they all sang the national anthem. Then Sumi came flying out, I only wish that she had come near where I was sitting. Sumi lingered around the officials box, but there was a kid next to me that was waiting for it to come near us. It was okay though, there was other amazing parts. One of my favourite parts was the light up pom pom. It was in our audience kit that contained a colored poncho and a gold card. When every one in the stadium lit their pom pom it look spectacular in the stadium.

The show rolled on with the theme of one inspires many. The dancer that walked on to the stage was amazing, and yes he could not walk. Luca Lazylegs Pateulli was born with arthrogryposis and then he was diagnosed with scoliosis as a child. He was so amazing that at first I thought he did not have a disability. After the dance it did not matter about about his disability, he was an amazing dancer. The whole show felt like it was showing how a disability was not an obstacle. There was guys doing skateboarding tricks on a wheelchair!! How amazing is that!

Inspirational people was a apart of the show. Rick Hansen told his story and I was in tears again. On Thursday I was lucky enough to go see him speak. His message and story is truly amazing, it makes me believe that nothing is impossible. After his speech was a tribute to Terry Fox. I did not know much about Terry Fox, only what my sister had told me. After last night I feel that Terry Fox is a national hero! He tried to do something not for him, but to help others. The moment we were waiting for came. Terry Fox's parents came in with the paralympic flame. The flame that has travelled across the country and has inspired so many people. The cauldron was lit by a 15 year old boy who has dreams of one day becoming a paralympic athlete and representing Canada!

These are the first paralympic games to be hosted in Canadian soil! In just a couple of hours I watch Ice Sledge Hockey! Going to be a great game!

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  1. you put the whole thing into words so nicely! GO CANADAAA