Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Cirque Eloize:Rain

I went to a circus tonight, but not you ordinary circus. This was a part of the 2010 Cultural Olympiad, the cultural side of the Olympics. The Olympics are not just about sport, the IOC has three strict pillars to the Olympics. The most famous one is sport, sustainability and culture. There have been many cultural events occurring around the city of Vancouver. Some of them have been art show, dances, singing and musical. Tonight I went to watch Cirque Eloize perform Rain at The Centre.
The show was spectacular, I loved every aspect of it. I really like to watch theatre and I understood the show. The show did not have a strict flow or narration, but a central theme. A man's fiance had left him, and he was thinking about the times they had played in the rain. The show had many circus type acts, but with a modern spin. There was several jugglers, , and they were all great actors. The acrobatics in the show was mind blowing, I really like when they did the curtain piece. It was funny at times, but also sad in other times. At the end it rained on the stage and topped the whole performance off. A great show!
Tomorrow I hope to post about my pin collection and the Paralympic Games!

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