Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paralympic Games

Wow what an amazing ten days! The party had started again in Vancouver and it was jumping. Everyone was ready to witness some amazing athletes, and they performed spectacularly. I have to say that I think the Paralympic Games are an even match for the Olympic Games. Some may say the Olympics are better but the Paralympics ROCKED!! Vancouver put on a great show for the Paralympics and the world watched in awe. The Paralympics started off in a bang on March 12 with the Opening Ceremonies. The torch lit by a 15 year old boy that aspires to be on a Paralympic snowboarding team. It was all so inspirational, everything made me feel ready to do something great.
I watch a couple of wheelchair curling matches and it is so intense, Canada got the GOLD in that sport and I was proud to watch two of their games. Then Sledge hockey was a heart breaker for Canada, they did not even win bronze, but they played their hearts out. Japan was amazing, rewarded with a silver metal. This hockey takes so much skill and it is fun to watch. The game has the same hype as a regular hockey game! I went to Whistler for the first time and watch some epic cross country skiing. Canada's Brian McKeever, who I did an early post on, won GOLD. I was watching his race, it was mind blowing. I will never ever forget that fabulous day.
The Paralympics went to Sochi with a bang the closing ceremonies in Whistler was spectacular. I loved how children gave the torch to children from Sochi! The Paralympic games have shown me that you can reach for the stars. These athletes all know that they have a disability, but they never ever let it stop them. It motivates me to go out an shoot for the stars! My next post will be my final post.

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