Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Paralympic Day!

Today I was out and about watching paralympic events. I am extremely tired and tomorrow I go to watch Cross Country Skiing! So I will summarize my day today in a paragraph. I got to go watch Paralympic Curling with my Tourism class and it was fun. By the end of the matches I was frozen. We got nice seats, but they were right in front of the air conditioner. The sun was shining in Vancouver today so I warmed up right away after we left. At the game there was a lot of school children, from high schools to elementary schools. I believe that the government is giving the tickets to children at a low price. I think this is great, it a good way for children to see amazing athletes. They learn about the Paralympics too! On to the really amazing hockey game that I saw today! It was between Korea and Sweden and it was such a close game. Till the last second, they game was so intense. I was rooting for Sweden but they lost. They put up a great fight though.
Tomorrow is a fun day! Lots of pictures!

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