Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Curling =)

Life is pretty hard with out the Internet, specially when you want to blog about the awesome curling match you watched! (My Internet died for about 2 days.) Wheelchair curling is very intense and I am really starting to like the sport. Before I talked about the game I did want to say that there was NO security for curling either. I seriously could not believe that there is no security for these events. These are world class athletes and people do come and watch them play. It just annoys me that they do not get treated the same as able bodied athletes. As Rick Hansen said in the opening ceremonies, "no where in the definitions of an athlete did it say you need to use your legs." Of course he was talking about his disability but it ranges to all disabilities. Honestly I was one of those people who did not give the paralympics a big hype as Olympics, but now I know that these athletes work as hard as they can. They do amazing things and I am in awe in all that they do.
Curling! Wheelchair Curling is a new sport in the paralympics, it made its debut in the 2006 Turin Paralympics. I was surprised when I heard that because I though it would be a sport that was played for a while. It is a little different from regular curling, there is no sweeping involved. Due to no sweeping this makes the throw very critical and it must be really precise. There are only 8 ends instead of 10. The curler can also use an extender to throw their rock. Now I have been to Olympic and Paralympic curling and I now see that it's a very hard game. In Olympic curling there are sweepers to help the throw, but in wheelchair curling it all about the throw. It was so intense to see some curlers throw. There was four matches playing and Canada was playing Norway. Yes, they did have cool pants like the Olympic team! Norway was winning at first but then Canada can and beat them at the end. It was a great game and the excitement in the building was nice. After that I got my ticket signed by some of the curlers and got my picture taken with some of them. I do not have the pictures me with the curlers, but when I get them I will post them.
The next two days for me are all Paralympics! WHOO I am going to watch curling tomorrow with my tourism class and them some HOCKEY with students live. On Thursday I got to Whistler!! Cross Country skiing is going to be a blast!! My Internet is slow, pics are taking forever. I will upload as soon as possible.

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  1. I agree about the security! It is more convenient and less time consuming for me as a spectator, but it's not right.