Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today I went to my second hockey game, but this was not your average hockey game. This was a world class battle of Ice Sledge hockey! The game was between United States of America and South Korea. This sport is very intense and the players are very skilled. Ice Sledge hockey is when players are in "sleds" and they skate around the ice with there sticks. The sticks are double ended, one side has a pick that is used to push themselves on the ice. The player have different degrees of disabilities. It was so amazing to watch them play hockey, they were so quick the game ended so fast. =(
Before I got inside the UBC Thunderbird Arena I have just one quick thing I wish to comment on. Security! All I had to do to get in was scan my ticket and I was free to go in. Hello!?!? I am so used to go through the metal detectors and the volunteers asking if they can look through my bag. Just because this is a paralympic event does not mean that they need to reduce security. VANOC needs to use security in Paralympic venues; I do not know if there is no security at the Paralympic Centre. I will find out tomorrow when I go watch curling. That bugged me a little, these men and women are athletes too. They deserve the same amount of security an able bodied athlete gets. Argh it just makes me angry when people don't think that these people are athletes. They train just as hard has any Olympic gold medalist, maybe even harder because they have other obstacles to go through. No matter if you are an Olympic or paralympic athlete they are both world class.

Anyway back to the game I was sitting next to a bunch of Americans that was supporting their country! They were hooting and hollering every time America got the puck. The Americans were clearly the better team and I knew that they were going to win. Still the Koreans tried their best and they had a huge section of supporters. A huge group of Korean school children was cheering them on. They kept cheering them on and the team seemed to feed of the energy. At the end Korea lost 5-0. I wish the Americans would let them score one goal. I think that just me being more and more Canadian! =D

Going to curling tomorrow, Canada is playing so it's going to be a blast!

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