Saturday, January 16, 2010

Turning Into a Pin Head

Today was such a gorgeous day in Vancouver and I went outside and enjoyed the day! I rode the Canada Line to Downtown to go to the Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centre. I walked out of the Vancouver City Centre station and was awed. The city looked so amazing all dressed up for the 2010 Olympic Games. I stepped inside The Bay and went to the Olympic Superstore, looking around at all of the Olympic Games merchandise. I found the Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centre with the help of some employees. The pin trading centre looked amazing with many pin traders waiting to trade their pins.

The Coca-Cola Pin Trading Centre had a pin wall that has a map of the world and many pins stuck to it. You can put a pin and then they give you a Coca-Cola pin. I put up a Bell Olympic Games pin and received a Coca-Cola pin! I also entered a draw to win a free pin. I talked to some of the pin traders and they have been collecting pins for along time. They had pins from the 1940 Olympic Games and some were only collecting 2010 Olympic Games pins. There was one man who had been collecting pins for a couple of years and we traded pins. This was my first ever pin trade, I traded a CTV Curling pin(I had two) for one of his Rona Olympic pins. He told me that the sponsor pins are the hardest to find and are very sought after to trade. After a while they were ready to draw the winners for the free pins. I won a pin, but it was the same pin that I received from the wall. I thought for a second what can I do with this pin, then I decided to trade it with someone. I met a person who was willing to trade my Coca-Cola pin for one of theirs. I ended up trading the pin for a Olympic torch and the red mittens pin!

I had a fun time at the Coca-Cola pin trading centre and plan to go again once I have more pins to trade! Currently I have twelve pins and I want more! I think that I might be turning into a pin head! The Olympic Games are getting closer, the excitement is building! Next post is going to be about the brand new street car that will travel from the Olympic Athletes Village to Granville Island. The free ride will start on January 21 but I have school so I will ride on it on the next day. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi Evelyn,
    Welcome to the fun world of pin collecting. I am glad you enjoyed your time at the Pin Trading Centre. Do come again. And you are welcome to join us at the Pacific Pin Club's Extravaganza and Pin Show on Saturday Jan 30 10am-5pm and Sunday Jan 31 10am-4pm. If you join the club you will be entitled to discounts on pins and eligible to win prizes. New members are always welcome!
    Bob, Club Member & Pin Trading Centre Volunteer