Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Interview

There are hundreds of people that are going to be involved with the 2010 Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games. Some of the most important people will be dressed in blue, the Olympic volunteers are the working machine behind the Olympic games. I interviewed a Physical Education teacher at my school who will be volunteering at the 2010 Olympic Games.

Mrs. Maxwell-Smith is a PE teacher at David Thompson Secondary School, she teaches all different grades and also coaches girls basketball. In February of 2010 she will not be at school, but at the Athletes Village wearing a blue suit and helping out at the village. She is taking time off of school to volunteer at the Olympic games. She wanted to become a volunteer because she thinks it is a great opportunity and this might not happen in Vancouver again. She believes it is a once in a lifetime opportunity and jumped on the chance.
She applied through the Vancouver 2010 website which directed her to another site. She applied and then waited, this was done a year back. After a couple of months she received a email stating the she is selected as a volunteer and was invited to a training session. In the training session she learnt more about the Olympic games and also received a binder full of important information. Then she was called for an interview to she how flexible she was the time and her overall communications and personality. This was when she was official offered the position as Event Host, this happened in July. In the coming weeks she will go through different venue training and other workshops.

Mrs. Maxwell-Smith wants to achieve many things from this amazing opportunity, she gets to meet new people and interact with them. She is a part of a huge event that is on a global scale. She is excited to meet world class athletes and be able to help them in anyway she can. She believes that any event needs volunteers to make it work, the Olympic games are a big event and need volunteers to make it run smoothly. The Olympic and Paralympic Games are a huge event and Mrs. Maxwell-Smith is going to help make them work!


  1. Good job, Evelyn! Do you know what types of jobs she'll have to do in her volunteering position?

  2. Wow, who would have thought that the volunteer selection process would take that long. These volunteers are amazing, the Olympic Games could not happen without the help of a lot of people, and they are taking time out of their lives.

  3. Nice post Evelyn. I'm excited to hear some of Mrs.Maxwell-Smith's stories!

  4. Her experience will undoubtedly be an amazing one!